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Was bedeutet … EN

By Your Groups

What is the meaning of…

… “Group name”?

Choose a group name that is characteristic of the group and by which you can identify yourself. The group name appears in all views and search masks.

… Description?

The description supplements the group name and provides further information about the type of group.

… Group category?

Put your group into a category so that it can be found more quickly later on.

… “Enter location”?

Does your group have a fixed location, e.g., a clubhouse, a sports facility or a conference room? You can enter this location here.

… “Visibility”?

Using the “Visibility” function, you can determine whether your group should only be visible to group members. Other GroupJoyner user will not be able to find your group.

… “Gender”?

With this function, you can make your group exclusively accessible to women or men.

… “Age restriction”?

With this function, you can assign an age limit to your group.

Was muss ich tun, wenn ich zu GroupJoyner eingeladen werde? EN

By Your Groups

What do I do if I am invited to GroupJoyner?

Just follow the link or scan the QR code in the invitation. Then your joyn request will be sent to the administrator of the group. As soon as it is confirmed, you are a group member.
If you have been sent a public invitation (see: How do I invite members?), the group administrator no longer needs to confirm your membership request.

Wie gründe ich eine Gruppe? EN

By Your Groups

How do I create a group?



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  1. Simply tap on the + under “My groups“.
  2. Give your group a name, description and, if you like, choose a representative picture.
  3. Select the category to which your group belongs.
  4. If available, enter a web address for your group.
  5. If you want, indicate a location for your group.
  6. Decide
      1. if your group should be visible to others via the search function
whether your group should have a gender restriction
if your group should have an age limit. Tap on “Create“.
    And that’s it!

Wer kann meine Daten einsehen? EN

By Your data

Who can view my data?

If you like, nobody!
With GroupJoyner, you can create an individual profile for each group you join. This gives you full control over who can see which profile picture of you and with whom you share your personal information.