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Was bedeutet … EN

By 3. January 2017June 17th, 2019Your Groups

What is the meaning of…

… “Group name”?

Choose a group name that is characteristic of the group and by which you can identify yourself. The group name appears in all views and search masks.

… Description?

The description supplements the group name and provides further information about the type of group.

… Group category?

Put your group into a category so that it can be found more quickly later on.

… “Enter location”?

Does your group have a fixed location, e.g., a clubhouse, a sports facility or a conference room? You can enter this location here.

… “Visibility”?

Using the “Visibility” function, you can determine whether your group should only be visible to group members. Other GroupJoyner user will not be able to find your group.

… “Gender”?

With this function, you can make your group exclusively accessible to women or men.

… “Age restriction”?

With this function, you can assign an age limit to your group.