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Was ist der „Überblick“? EN

By Your Groups

What is the Overview?

You can find all the important information about your groups and events in the “Overview” tab. In the overview, you will be kept informed about all activities that take place in your groups and events. Everything at a glance, sorted chronologically.

Was ist das Gruppen-Forum? EN

By Your Groups

What is the Group Forum?

The Group Forum is the control center for your groups. It provides you with a perfect overview of everything that happens in your group. Tap on + and create a new group poll, a new group To-Do list or a group post in no time at all.

Use the three vertical points in the upper right corner to comment on polls, To-Do lists or posts.
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Wie kann ich einer Gruppe beitreten? EN

By Your Groups

How can I join a group?

You have the following options:

  • Follow an invitation sent to you by email or another channel.
  • Enter the Joyn-Code of the group.
  • Scan the QR code.
  • Or make an application for membership.

If you have not accepted a public invitation (see also: How do I invite members?), an administrator still has to confirm your group membership.

  • Or make an application for membership.

Now an administrator has to accept your membership request (unless you have followed an invitation that does not require confirmation by an administrator, see also How do I invite members?).