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Ingo Koehler
CMO/B2B collaborations

Ingo is an expert in innovative, holistic marketing and communication strategies. For 17 years, the communications and advertising graduate led his own agency group. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge and an unbridled desire to discover new things, Ingo has developed successful marketing and sales strategies for numerous international companies, including global players such as AXA, AachenMünchener, Deutsche Telekom, Hein Gericke and GN ReSound. He created one of the first online marketing concepts back in the 90s. As a lecturer for applied marketing, the born-and-bred Rhinelander passed on his know-how and experience to the younger generations studying at the West German Academy for Communication in Cologne for many years. At GroupJoyner, Ingo is responsible for marketing, sales and B2B partnerships. Ingo, a real family man, is married and has four children.